Project Nebula is an amateur, unmanned, collaborative space exploration project I hope to bring to life.

Project Nebula serves to make space exploration accessible to the amateur. Our aim is to test a variety of high altitude balloons (with lightweight, low budget payloads) using different distances/launch sites/trajectory aims, etc.  Real time data will be collected by the c-band antenna and data analysis will be carried out. Data we hope to gather will include images, trajectory, weather anomalies, communications, and potentially astronomical observations such as radio, optical and other.

I believe the project could benefit greatly from XML.


The aim of our project is an open collaboration culminating in making all the data gathered available open source.

We wish to involve those who are from any background (not necessarily IT or astrophysics) and we need a streamline way to document the experience. XML is both machine and human readable, and easy to learn. This will promote the accessibility aspect of our project

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