Stop Looking Into Mine!

As children some of us covered our work as we wrote, horrified at the thought of the person next to us copying our homework and getting credit. Others shared, they were open source learners, and openly shared everything from examples, to explanations, and helped fellow students to understand the material, not just copy it down. They were still given credit for their hard work, they boosted the class overall, and they reaped the rewards through learning valuable skills.

Why do we find it so difficult to share then? Collaborative work is proving to be the go to in the arts, humanities, and sciences. Everyone is collaborating…ideas person? Why get bogged down with analysis when you can outsource it to a data savvy colleague who doesn’t even have to be local.


1. Greater access to research data

2. More opportunities for researchers – access to projects they usually wouldn’t have the resources for

3. Ideas can be spread quickly



1. Lack of ownership and responsibility

2. Misinterpretation of vision

3. Not up to your personal standards


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