The Deletionist

This might be saying something about my predilection for the dystopic, but the idea of the Association of Wikipedia Deletitionists is quite intriguing. As the Wikipedia entry says, “deletionist” can be seen as a derogatory term, however aren’t all editors deletionists in some form? Cutting out the noise from entries to produce concisely edited, factual, cited pieces only serves to benefit the craft of Wikipedia creation. Deletionism sounds elitist and policing but why not have standards? If you wish to cultivate information sources all information should be as accurate and relevant as possible. Why should readers have to filter through the rubbish to pick up some key facts about a subject? Why are we subjected to hoaxes and false information that serves only to spread mass hysteria? An encyclopaedia should be factual. Any other waffle is best left for the pub if you ask me.


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